About Sedway

Mission Statement

The mission of Sedway Middle School, through a partnership of students, families, staff, and community, is to empower and inspire our students to apply the hard work, knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to become creative problem solvers, to achieve personal success and to contribute to our diverse world.

Vision Statement

Our school practices will become so thoroughly targeted, innovative, collaborative, and consistent that Sedway Middle School will quickly evolve into a destination for effective work practices, exemplary teaching, and quantifiable student growth and learning. Though Sedway is not a “professional development school” in the title, our practices will demonstrate that we are. Sedway contributes to its community and shows its children how to value their school, their future, and each other.

Sedway Middle School will grow achievement in all subgroups, so we reach a 61% median growth percentile score. This is a stretch goal, but because our professional literature is filled with stories of schools that achieve tremendous growth in an academic year: why not Sedway? These kinds of growth targets require us to use the literature in our professional knowledge base and make our professional practices transparent to each other. It is a moral imperative that we prepare our students to take advantage of opportunities in life.

At Sedway Middle School, every one of us is important, and we all will embrace the ethics of care, continuous improvement, and critique to achieve these goals.

View our 2021-2022 School Performance Plan: A Roadmap to Success.