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2021-2022 Districtwide Survey

Ravens, participate in the Districtwide Survey. It is open now through December 17, 2021, for all students and all parents/guardians. Your assistance in data gathering is a vital part of the Clark County School District’s (CCSD) annual self-assessment. The survey is intended to provide information for CCSD and schools regarding progress toward CCSD priorities and to comply with the requirements of the Board of School Trustees and the Nevada Department of Education (NDE). The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Student Survey
Students can access the Student Survey at https://www.ccsd.net/survey. Please note that the survey
is to be completed by all students in Grades 4-12.

After accessing the Student Survey, each student must type in their student ID number and birthdate
to complete the survey. Students must complete more than half of the survey in order to count as a

Parent/Guardian Survey
Parents/Guardians are encouraged to submit their 2021-2022 Districtwide Parent/Guardian Survey
online using a computer, laptop, or other mobile device at https://www.ccsd.net/survey. Any
parent/guardian with children in the school is eligible to take the survey.