Attendance Policy

Student absences will be considered excused if the absence is for student illness, medical or legal appointments, or family emergencies such as a death in the family.  Students returning to school from an absence must submit a note to the attendance clerk or their designee between 8:30-8:50 a.m. The note should include the following information:  The student’s name, grade, student number, a parent/guardian signature, date of the note, date of the absence(s), reason for the absence and a phone number where the parent or guardian may be contacted (see sample below).  All students who do not bring a note within three (3) days will have their absence(s) recorded as unexcused.  Should there be a question about attendance, please call the school at 799-3880, ext. 4200.

Any student having more than ten (10) unapproved absences in a semester will receive a failing grade for that semester.  Parents will receive a letter which will include procedures for an appeal.  The student may also be recommended for retention in that grade.  Students are allowed three days after an absence to provide a written excuse to the school.  Nevada State Law allows you to prearrange absences for your child.  CCSD Regulation 5113 classifies up to 10 prearranged absences during a school year as excused.  However, any prearranged absences in excess of 10 during the school year are counted as unexcused.  Any prearranged absences for which the makeup work is not completed and submitted as required also count toward the limitation of absences.  Homework for prearranged absences must be requested five (5) days in advance.