Disciplinary Procedures

Marvin M. Sedway Middle School has established the following discipline plan for the progressive discipline of pupils and on-site review of disciplinary decisions. The plan was developed with the input and participation of teachers, other educational personnel (counselors, strategists and specialists), support personnel, and the parents and guardians of pupils who are enrolled in the school. The plan has been developed in accordance with written rules of behavior prescribed in NRS 392.463 and NRS 392.4644. It includes, without limitation, provisions designed to address the specific disciplinary needs and concerns of the school. The plan provides for the temporary removal of a pupil from a classroom in accordance with NRS 392.4645.

The plan was reviewed and developed by the Discipline Committee. The plan was reviewed and revised by administration, teachers, other educational personnel,support staff personnel, and parents.The review and revisions were made continually and collaboratively as requested following monthly discipline committee meetings, weekly administrative meetings, and monthly Parent Advisory Committee meetings.A copy of this plan is located in the main office lobby and posted electronically on the school website for public inspection.