Moving On To Middle School

Dear Student, The door to middle school has finally opened! You are entering a challenging and exciting new world, one in which your education will play an even more important part in determining your success in life. The decisions you make in the next three years will either open or close doors for you in the future. To give yourself every advantage to succeed, it is necessary that you have as much information as possible so that you can make wise choices as you begin your journey into middle school. This Planning Guide will help you prepare for the educational decisions you will be making. You will discover the requirements you must fulfill in middle school and the options you have for meeting those requirements.

Preparing for high school and the future begins today. As you read through this guide, you will discover that opportunities can take many different paths. The future offers unlimited potential for students who prepare to meet the challenges of tomorrow through careful academic planning and a commitment to learning. Use this guide with your parents to make plans for your middle school program of study. Keep your sights set on the future while making the most of possibilities open to you now in middle school. Become a part of the excitement of creating your own future!