Please visit our online webstore to purchase any school items for your student. When visiting the webstore, if you are having problems with screens showing properly, please use Firefox with Apple products and Internet Explorer (not Edge) with Windows products. The Webstore does not work well with Edge and some versions of Safari.

Login Information

Parents – Please DO NOT create your own account. Log directly into your student’s account using the proper login credentials. See below.

UsernameStudent ID#
PasswordStudent first initial & last name
(includes spaces or hyphen in last name)

*all lowercase letters & no spaces between first initial & last name. If the last name is two or more words, include the space.

Ex: Josh Smith = jsmith

John Vanhorn = jvan horn

Emily Haley-Robins = ehaley-robins

If you change your password, enter that one going forward. It’s easier if you DO NOT change it!